Engaging in Life’s Journey…

Nurturing Security and Empowering Growth

Eckert Psychology & Education Centre was established in 2001 by our founder, Kimberly Eckert.  Her desire was to create a Centre that provided a full complement of Psychological and Intervention support to children and adults.   Kimberly has enlisted a team of highly trained Psychologists and Cognitive Coaching Specialists to provide quality assessment, counseling, coaching, and educational services.

Vision Statement

Sharing the Light of Hope and Courage

Mission Statement

WE BELIEVE in the value of every individual and their ability to pursue their potential, intellectually, academically, socially, personally and spiritually.

WE COMMIT to provide high quality services in the areas of Learning and Behavioral Assessments, Counseling, Cognitive Coaching -  Academic and Life Skills, and Brain Training programs.

WE ARE SET APART BY a commitment to the thoroughness of our services, practical recommendations and a healthy acknowledgment of strengths and challenges.

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to fill the world with hopeful people who joyfully embrace life, by deeply caring for themselves and others while pursuing their purpose with passion.  We do this by transforming people from the inside out through our premiere professional training, mental health, and supplementary educational services.