No one is meant to struggle alone.

Our counselling team provides support to people of all ages dealing with various life issues, whether it is a parent seeking education and support in caring for their child, a person struggling with depression, a child dealing with anxiety, a couple trying to fortify a relationship that is under strain, or a sibling who needs support to understand their brother’s or sister’s disability.

We strive to build a trusting bond with each of our clients and come alongside them in handling life’s challenging moments.

A safe and supportive space

Professional counselling can have a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. It helps people navigate difficult life situations, such as parenting struggles, family conflict, divorce, natural disasters, unemployment, and the death of a loved one. Ultimately, counseling encourages people to live purposeful lives filled with strong relational connections.

Our goal is to provide tools and insights that facilitate growth and repair relationships and we do this by ensuring our clients feel safe and genuinely cared for. We provide counselling services in person, by phone, and secure online sessions. Telepsychology services are available for all Albertans from the comfort of their own home or office.


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Honest, trustworthy professionals

 A good client-counsellor relationship is paramount to the therapy process.  You want to work with someone who uses respect, compassion, and honesty to build a trusting relationship with their clients.  

An effective counsellor will listen carefully to your problems without any judgment and preconditions. However, great counsellors will also challenge you to leave your comfort zone and restructure behaviours that hinder your growth.   

A successful therapeutic relationship is one that empowers you to make lasting change. Our counselling team is dedicated to providing a safe place emotionally for you. There will be clear procedures and boundaries of confidentiality for your comfort and peace of mind. Our professionals are trained in various therapeutic models, so we can tailor our approach to best suit your needs. 

Personalized, one-on-one attention

Helping people achieve meaningful change is our passion.  

During the initial session, your counselor will ask about your goals and concerns you’d like to resolve. You’ll also learn about their specific approach to therapy and the interventions they would suggest based on your unique needs.   

We also offer consultations if you need help deciding what type of service is best to support you or a loved one. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and offer practical recommendations that are aligned with your goals. Our clients are made familiar with our processes before they make a financial commitment.

Measurable progress

We seek to provide direction at every stage of your healing journey. At the beginning of every counselling session, we’ll check up on your progress and determine whether we need to adjust certain strategies. We stay on top of the latest counselling research and practices to ensure you receive the best possible support.

Best value for money

We guarantee real results in a safe and nurturing setting. Our services cost around $200 per hour, although fees may vary depending on the psychologist client's work with, client’s insurance, and the extent of client's needs.  

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If you need help deciding which counselling approach best suits your needs, feel free to contact our licensed team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals in detail.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Counselling
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