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Academic and life skills coaching is a powerful philosophy rooted in the belief that all people, regardless of ability, are learners. With an expert guide, who is knows the science of academic and social learning, along with one to one support, gives our clients the opportunity to flourish. 

Every person yearns for and deserves rewarding relationships, personal dignity, and success in their efforts to navigate the world. Adults, teens, and children with disabilities often find the realization of these liberties, that many of us take for granted, to be incredibly challenging.

That’s where Eckert Centre’s Cognitive Coaching Program steps in. 

Our Coaching Options:

Academic Coaching:

At Eckert Psychology & Education Centre, we understand the importance of academic success. Our academic coaching program is tailored to meet the unique needs of students with Learning Disabiltiies and AD/HD. Our skilled coaches provide personalized guidance, helping students optimize their learning strategies, time management, and study techniques. Whether you're aiming for higher grades, preparing for exams, or pursuing educational milestones, our academic coaching can pave the way to academic excellence. 

Life Skills Coaching:

Success in life extends beyond the classroom. Our Life Skills Coaching program equips individuals with essential life skills that are vital for personal growth. and to build meaningful relationships. Our life coaches offer support in areas such as emotion literacy, self-regulation, life skills, friendship skills or employment support. By mastering these life skills, our clients are better prepared to cultivate meaningful relationships, take care of their emotions, get along with others, become more independent, and find success at work. 

Brain Training - PACE:

Unlock your cognitive potential with Eckert Psychology & Education Centre's Brain Training program, based on the renowned PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) methodology. Our brain training exercises stimulate the brain, enhancing memory, attention, problem-solving abilities, and processing speed. Whether you're a student seeking academic improvement or an adult looking to sharpen your mental acuity, our brain training program can help you harness the power of your mind. 

Reading Training - MTC:

Reading is a fundamental skill for lifelong learning. Our reading training program, known as MTC (Multisensory Teaching of Reading and Comprehension), is designed to enhance reading skills for individuals of all ages. Our experienced reading coaches employ evidence-based strategies to improve reading fluency, comprehension, and retention. Whether you're struggling with reading or simply want to become a more proficient reader, our MTC program opens the door to a world of knowledge through reading. 

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