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learning assessment calgary

Education is a priceless asset in supporting a child’s current and future happiness and success. Yet, for many children school is a place that limits rather than promotes positive development. Do you have concerns or questions about your child's progress in school? If you answered yes, then a Psychological Assessment is recommended. Our Comprehensive Learning Assessment Method™ will provide you with a global and comprehensive "picture"  of your child's strengths and challenges which will lay the foundation for accurate treatment and supports.

Child Learning Assessments

Behavior Assessments

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No matter what our age we never stop learning!  Our adult and career assessments provide a comprehensive picture of a person's strengths and challenges. If you are in a post-secondary institute it not only supports your decisions in regards to your education but it can also provide you with accommodations and supports. If you are in the workplace you may want to invest in an assessment so that you can enhance your work life with the goal of advancement.

Adult Learning Assessments

Career Assesments

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