We Provide Legal Assessments For Psychological and Behavioral Cases

Eckert Psychology & Education Centre is a private clinic in Northwest Calgary whose team of Educational Psychologists is ready to support you in your litigation when learning diagnoses, mental health challenges, or educational practices are pertinent to the case in question. The services of the psychologists at Eckert Centre can be retained to address best practices in the interpretation of report card grades and learning capacity of students (both children and adult learners) with identified special needs pre- and post-accident.

In addition, our team of clinicians are prepared to provide their opinions regarding future educational and vocational prospects for clients, given the effects of having experienced a traumatic brain injury and how their potential pre-accident would compare to his/her prospects had he/she not sustained a brain injury. In particular, our reports are of great value when pre-accident learning issues are suspected as well as when current educational reports appear to over-inflate a student’s actual abilities.

Each report we author seeks to first delineate the relevant learning and vocational issues identified by research and best educational practices that are considered when discussing students with special needs, and those with brain injury. This discussion is derived from an educational psychology perspective. Next, the issues identified by research and best educational practices are applied to the case in question in an attempt to better understand the realistic educational and vocational prospects for your client. In addition, our reports contribute to decisions regarding fair compensation for clients given their pre-accident functioning and the issues identified in our reports. Finally, we are very cognizant of the kinds of professional services that will help a child or adult with a disability function to the best of their ability and, therefore, are well equipped to describe these services as well as the associated costs.

When would it be advantageous to retain the services of Eckert Psychology & Education Centre?

  • Your client has post-injury learning and emotional challenges that are affecting their educational and vocational prospects
  • Your client will require professional services to address their loss of functioning (i.e. TYPES OF SERVICES)
  • Your client will require professional services to address the emotional impact of their loss of functioning due to their injuries 
  • When your client may have had pre-injury learning challenges 
  • Your client may have had pre-injury emotional/behavioral challenges

Our assessments are valued at $10,000 to $15,000, and they have assisted in the settlement of all personal injury claims that we have participated in to date.

Book your assessment now to help your clients get the support and financial retribution they deserve at a time when help is a necessity, rather than a luxury.

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