Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Children want to be successful in school. Naturally, they cannot understand why learning is so difficult for them when it isn’t for their classmates. They feel that something is wrong with them, and it’s not getting better. As a parent, you know you can’t stand by and watch their self-esteem erode any longer. Unlock your child’s hidden potential with one of Eckert Centre’s learning programs.

Below is a list of our programs but please note the programs can be customized based on the client's profile.




Attention Regulation Program - Harness Your Hunter Energy (Grade 4 and up)

Attention Regulation Program - Catch Your Breath (Grade 5 and up)

Math Program - Chiz (Grade 1 - 4)

Math Program - Number Worlds (Grade 1 - 5)

Memory Program - The Active Memory (Grade 6 and up)

Reading Program On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! (Preschoolers - Grade 3 who are still learning to read)

Reading Program - The Comprehension Workout (Grade 4 and up)

Test Taking - Multiple Choices (Grade 6 and up)

Writing Program - On Your Mark, Get Set, Print! (Preschoolers - Grade 3 who are still learning to print)

Writing Program - The Writing Workout (Grade 6 and up)


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