Child/Teen Psychoeducational Learning Assessments
Do you see your child coming home after school feeling defeated and discouraged? Stressed and overwhelmed? Are they underperforming? Or are they bored and under-stimulated?
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Behavior Assessments

Parenting is hard, and it can be difficult to admitt that you don't understand certain behaviour from your child, thankfully you are not alone. Our heart at the Eckert Centre is for children, and better equipping parents to manage the struggles their child with special needs is facing. 

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Adult Psychoeducational Learning Disability Assessments in Calgary
Facing challenges in college or the workplace that leave you wondering “what’s wrong with me?” Do you feel you have worked harder than most to achieve success? Or, have you worked hard to succeed with disappointing results?
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Career Assessments

You deserve a career that is meaningful, fulfilling, and motivating. So, whether you are a student deciding on a career path for the first time or someone thinking of changing jobs for the seventh, a career assessment will help you navigate the world of possibilities and reduce career-related dissatisfaction.

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Legal Assessments

The Eckert Centre provides expertise as Educational Psychologists and Child Psychologists when psychoeducational assessment services are required in personal injury lawsuits.   

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