Kimberly’s Book Club

  • Are you looking for greater connection with your spouse, children, siblings, or even your co-workers?
  • Are you ready to transform troubled relationships into positive ones?
  • Are you ready to experience deeper connections with those you love?
  • Are you looking for a small group of women you can trust?

If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, then I would love to have you join my book club.

I have been asked several times by my clients if I would ever consider facilitating a Book Club for moms. The more I thought about it, this request made sense as it is a perfect way to stretch your insurance dollars while still allowing me to provide the quality of support, information, and knowledge you deserve and I try to deliver. I also love to read and frequently pass onto my clients great books that have helped me on my journey of personal health and wellness as a woman and a mother. So, to me, this is a chance to create a meaningful learning experience in a supportive community using a research based book that is chalk full of opportunities to develop greater positivity in our lives as women.

Please keep in mind that enrollment is limited to 6 members to ensure the quality of the experience for each member.

Remember to submit your invoice to your insurance plan to maximize your benefits

For additional information contact Darlene at .