Child Learning Assessments

Do you see your child coming home after school feeling defeated and discouraged?

Stressed and overwhelmed?

Are they underperforming?

Or are they bored and under-stimulated?

As a parent, you know that your child’s education is a priceless asset to ensuring their future happiness and success. Yet, for many children, school is a place that limits, rather than promotes, positive development. If you are worried about your child’s progress in school, you need answers that will lead to strategies that make school a more rewarding experience. Kimberly Eckert, Registered Psychologist and Founder of Eckert Psychology & Education Centre, has developed the Comprehensive Learning Assessment Method™ for psychoeducational testing to ensure that your child’s needs are accurately pinpointed so that the right treatment plan follows. Every student deserves the promise of the opportunities afforded by education, but many need support to fully benefit from this promise and reach their potential.

Book a Comprehensive Learning Assessment™ today and help fulfill your child’s educational promise.

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Why choose to complete your assessment at Eckert Centre?

Psychoeducational assessments at Eckert Centre:

  • Are conducted by Educational Psychologists with 30 years of combined experience
  • Use only proven, “gold standard” assessment tools
  • Utilize a thorough approach that identifies areas of strength and challenge
  • Implement a method of testing that ensures accurate identification of abilities and skills
  • Take a comprehensive approach to testing that helps to identify cognitive potential as well as the brain functions that allow your child to demonstrate their potential

Why choose the Comprehensive Assessment Method™?

  • Ensures that areas of strength are identified
  • Ensures that areas of weakness are not missed
  • Results in a complete and individualized treatment plan providing best practice recommendations, which will help your child perform better in school, in relationships, and in life