The Comprehension Workout - Grade 4 & Up

As students progress through school, the proportion of material learned through independent study (i.e. reading) increases. By the time students reach post-secondary school, the vast majority of material is learned through reading. The Comprehension Workout is based on the idea that expert readers engage in strategies before, during, and after reading, which helps them understand, store, and recall material. Therefore, this program is appropriate not only for students that struggle with reading comprehension, but develops skills that all students need to perform well on exams and other tests of their knowledge. The Comprehension Workout consists of 8 lessons, ongoing consultation with a psychologist, and regular progress reports (appropriate for students aged 10 and up). NOTE: Students are expected to complete assignments each week as part of their training; however, this should not add to their workload. Rather, the assignments are intended to support their ability to complete already assigned academic tasks with greater ease. Specifically, lessons build effective reading and studying strategies and include:

  • Time management skills
  • Setting environmental conditions to provide optimal learning
  • Developing a purpose for reading beforehand
  • Regulating attention while reading/studying
  • Altering reading rate depending on the purpose
  • Comprehension and retention technique

No only will students who complete this program notice an increase in their comprehension and retention of reading material, they will learn skills that contribute to effective study habits, which will result in improved overall academic performance and decreased academic frustration.

What’s more, because the program also teaches parents how to support their child’s reading and study skills, the program will also likely reduce the need for parents to provide direct comprehension support, allowing them to be parents, rather than adjunct teachers.

The Comprehension Workout At Eckert Psychology & Education Centre

  • Is supported by Educational Psychologists with expertise in reading comprehension challenges
  • Is provided by skilled trainers with background education and specific training in reading comprehension development
  • Presents activities in an enjoyable manner that helps students remain motivated throughout the program
  • Is fine-tuned in its delivery to meet your child’s unique learning needs as they come to light during training

The Comprehension Workout

  • Improves comprehension and retention of reading material
  • Students will learn skills for effective study habits that will improve academic performance and decrease academic frustration
  • Strategies are taught that will improve the student’s understanding, storage, and recall of material read
  • Parents will notice a reduction in the amount of support they need to provide their child for reading comprehension related activities