Raising an Optimistic Child

Raising an Optimistic Child is an eight part series for moms (Club Mom)
who long for a community of like-minded mothers dedicated to the art and science of parenting! What sets Club Mom apart is the atmosphere of support and honesty, where perfection is not the goal and mistakes are considered a welcomed partner for new learning.

During the sessions, moms will become skilled in protecting their children against depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem by discovering how to build a “resiliency mindset.” The curriculum begins by teaching moms how to develop healthy patterns of optimistic thinking for themselves, followed by sound parenting practices for teaching optimistic thinking to their children. Moms will be given concrete, easy to follow lessons and scripts to take home and use as tools for teaching optimistic thinking strategies to their children. To ensure opportunities for individual support and in-depth conversation, only 15 spots are available in Club Mom.

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