DVD - Raising an Assertive Child - $47.20

Raising an Assertive Child was created to help parents better understand what bullying is (and what it’s not), and what qualities and behaviors research has found make a child an attractive versus an unattractive target for bullying. Parents will be educated about how to equip their children with assertiveness skills to respond to initial bullying attempts so that the likelihood of future bullying is greatly decreased, while ensuring both children’s safety and sense of dignity is maintained.

Providing our children with sound knowledge about how to prevent being a target of bullying is important, but in order for them to adeptly and confidently apply this knowledge to the real world, additional support is required. This workshop will also discuss how parents can bridge the gap between knowledge and application so that they can be truly assured their children are ready to navigate difficult relationship situations. Bullying is about power and control. Discover how to help your children avoid giving up their power and control to bullying.

Theratapper - $190.00

This device provides an alternating bilateral stimulation (ABS) for DNMS and EMDR therapy. The unit consists of a control box connected to two small (hand-holdable) pulsers by six-foot wires. The pulsers vibrate in an alternating fashion to provide a gentle tactile stimulation which many find soothing and relaxing. The stimulation is comparable to the vibration of a pager or cell phone.

Time Timer: Visual Timer for Visual Learners (App can be downloaded through iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch for a nominal fee)

Easy visual Time as a measurement and watched as it passed she would understand the basic concept of time:

  • 3 inch - $31.50
  • 8 inch - $35.70
  • Face Blanks (8 inch) - $7.50
  • Sticker Sheet - $3.45
  • The Feelings Book - $17.22

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