What is a career assessment?

Are you about to embark upon the journey to a career but have no idea where to start? Confused about what program to apply to in post-secondary? Unsure what field would suit your abilities best? Or, maybe you’ve been working for years and are considering a change.

The world of work is rapidly and constantly changing but when people choose a career path based on external factors such as the job market or how long a training program is, they often end up feeling unsatisfied with their choice. Being a rock star or astronaut like you wanted to when you were a kid may no longer be realistic but finding a rewarding and fulfilling career is.

You deserve a career that is meaningful, fulfilling, and motivating. So, whether you are a student deciding on a career path for the first time or someone thinking of changing jobs for the seventh, a career assessment will help you navigate the world of possibilities and reduce career-related dissatisfaction. A career assessment will also reduce the likelihood that you will be making this same decision again a few years from now because it will help you find fulfillment and purpose in a career matched to your interests, values and abilities.

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A Career Assessment at Eckert Centre:

  • Utilizes only proven, “gold standard” tools
  • Uses a thorough approach that pinpoints your interests, values, and abilities
  • Helps to uncover a variety of career options, many of which you may never have considered
  • Is conducted by a registered psychologist with over 15 years of experience

A Career Assessment at Eckert Centre will help you:

  • Increase your awareness of the factors that contribute to career satisfaction
  • Make an informed decision about your career and education
  • Find a fulfilling and rewarding career that matches your interests, values, and abilities

*Important to note that it is not recommended to conduct Career Assessment with individuals under 16 and at 16, typically the approach is exploratory, rather than as an exercise in planning. Preferably the client will be 17 or older and have put some thought into the world of work already.

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