How Can Organizational Consulting Transform Your Team?

The psychologists at Eckert Centre are open to discuss unique ways that we may be of assistance to your organization. One way we do this is through our consultation services. 

Consultations give you as a school, agency or business the opportunity to present a need, concern or question to a psychologist. You can then immediately discover ways to improve the scope or quality of your services or enhance the relationships within your team.

Here are some examples of questions organizations have found answers to during their consultation with a psychologist from Eckert Centre:

  • We are noticing a rise in bullying in our school.  What steps can we take to swiftly and effectively address this issue?
  • We have a group of employees who are really struggling to get along.  What support or training would be most effective to help us teach them conflict resolution skills?
  • Our front line staff works with adults with very complex needs in our community residential program.  Can you meet with staff monthly to facilitate strategy development to meet client needs and reduce challenging behaviours?
  • We want the students at our school to take ownership and responsibility for their learning.  Can we consult with a psychologist to develop an evidenced based character education program?
  • We want to enhance our parent education program within our agency.  Can we work closely with a psychologist to ensure our service delivery model is congruent with the latest research findings on child development and attachment based parenting?

Consultants at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre:

  • Conducted by experienced, licensed psychologists
  • Utilize proven “evidence-based” approaches to address presenting concerns
  • Provide thorough, comprehensive care
  • Provide support and direction with warmth and compassion

Consultations at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre will help organizations:

  • Carefully evaluate the nature of the problem so wise decisions are made up front to ensure that time and money are not wasted
  • Select the best service to meet the current needs of their client, student or customer so satisfaction levels increase
  • Confidently support the leadership team implementing the changes so they are empowered to create changes that stick
  • Swiftly deal with the presenting concern to reduce stress and improve morale
  • Effectively collaborate with stakeholders so changes are understood and welcomed

Questions About Organizational Consulting?

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