Om Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

Preschoolers To Grade 3 Who Are Still Learning To Read

People who struggle with reading commonly experience decreased self-confidence and are at greater risk for the development of many problems, not the least of which is academic under performance. All the more reason, then, to ensure that your child has the skills necessary to be an effective reader. The On your mark, Get set, Read program is built on best practice literature (Reading Reflex) regarding the “building blocks” of reading (i.e. decoding and word identification). Specifically, this program (which consists of 16 lessons, ongoing consultation with a psychologist, and regular progress reports) teaches beginning readers (preschool to Grade Three) that letters are the symbols used to represent the 43 sounds in our language and that different symbols can make the same sound (e.g. “ch,” as in lunch and “tch,” as in match). This is different from traditional techniques, which teach students that letters “make sounds.” In reality, humans make sounds, and we have created a system for representing those sounds. Because this program is based on principles that may differ from those learned by parents and because it uses a precise vocabulary as its foundation for teaching reading, parents are encouraged to purchase a copy of the book on which it is based. In addition, parents (or a tutor involved in teaching their child) are expected to attend a portion of each lesson in order to learn how to support their beginning reader in a way that is consistent with what is being taught by their coach. NOTE: Students are expected to complete 0.5 hours of homework each week as part of their training.

Students who complete this program will notice an increase in their reading skills, which will, in turn, contribute to increased self-confidence, and (because reading is so important in a student’s overall learning) improved academic success.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! At Eckert Psychology & Education Centre:

  • Is supported by Educational Psychologists with expertise in reading challenges
  • Is provided by skilled trainers with background education and specific
  • training in reading development
  • Presents activities in an enjoyable manner that helps students remain motivated throughout the program
  •  Is fine-tuned in its delivery to meet your child’s unique learning needs as they come to light during training

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!:

  • Improves the basic reading skills required to be an effective reader
  • Increases the student’s self-confidences and academic success
  • The program is built on best practice literature (Reading Reflex regarding the “building blocks” of reading
  • Teaches reading and spelling simultaneously