On Your Mark, Get Set, Print - Preschoolers to Grade 3 Who Are Still Learning To Print

Many children struggle learning to print, and since students are expected to write and print for their entire educational career, this challenge can significantly impact a student’s academic performance. Although printing challenges can reflect many possible underlying issues, with a proper assessment of the problem and early intervention, students can develop necessary printing skills and find greater success in their academic pursuits. The On Your Mark, Get Set, Print program is based on the Handwriting Without Tears® by Jan Z. Olsen series and provides four blocks of 16 lessons using a methodical and developmentally appropriate approach to printing. Ongoing consultation with a psychologist and regular progress reports are also included with the program. Although the program is “methodical,” it is also flexible. Each child progresses through the lessons at a different pace, depending on age and pre-program skill level. Our skilled coaches will modify the program to best meet your child’s needs, and by the end, s/he will be printing efficiently, resulting in improved academic performance and decreased academic frustration.

NOTE: Students are expected to complete 0.5 hours of homework each week as part of their training.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Print! at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre:

  • Is supported by Educational Psychologists with expertise in printing challenges
  • Is provided by skilled trainers with background education and specific training in printing development
  • Presents activities in an enjoyable manner that helps students remain motivated throughout the program
  • Is fine-tuned in its delivery to meet your child’s unique learning needs as they come to light during training

On Your Mark, Get Set, Print!:

  • Improves printing skills
  • Increases printing efficiency and subsequently decreases academic frustration
  • Utilizes a methodical and developmentally appropriate approach to printing
  • Parents will notice a reduction in the amount of support they need to provide their child for printing related activities