Master The Code Reading Program

Master the Code© (MTC©) is an innovative reading and spelling program founded on the latest available research in reading intervention. Combined with PACE© (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement©), your child will not only have greatly improved basic reading skills, but also support for the cognitive skills required for efficient reading so that he/she has the opportunity to fully benefit from this and future reading interventions. Reading requires a solid foundational knowledge of the sound and letter patterns in the English language, as well as automatic access to this knowledge (i.e. the reader doesn’t have to stop and think about what he/she knows about sounds when reading). To create these two essentials in a struggling reader, the MTC© program uses a series of carefully sequenced steps to build a reliable reading system that meets a struggling reader at the point at which his/her knowledge gaps begin. These sequenced lessons are targeted at those readers: 

  • just learning to read,
  • struggling to read at grade-level
  • older students who have developed poor strategies for reading (guessing at words for example)

The knowledge and skills learned in each lesson are frequently and intensely repeated until automaticity is achieved. This level of intensity also ensures deeply ingrained poor reading habits used by struggling readers are eradicated.  The MTC© method of drilling the code-symbol correspondence does not require the memorization of rules, sight words, and exceptions, thereby reducing what other reading programs require a student to memorize by about 75%. In addition MTC© will make your child a better speller.  Because the program is designed to teach a reader that certain letters and letter combinations stand for corresponding sounds in our language, your child will learn to read and spell at the same time.

MTC© at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre:

  • Is supported by Educational Psychologists with expertise in reading challenges
  • Is provided by skilled trainers with background education and specific training in reading development
  • Is a structured and intense program offering five hours of training per week
  • Presents activities in an enjoyable manner that helps students remain motivated throughout the program
  • Is fine-tuned in its delivery to meet your child’s unique learning needs as they come to light during training


  • Improves the basic reading skills required to be an effective reader
  • Teaches reading and spelling simultaneously
  • Allows for improved reading comprehension
  • Drills reading skills to an automatic, unconscious level
  • Averages a 4-year increase in reading skills in 18 weeks

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