• What is your Cancellation Policy?
  • How is Invoicing done/Payment taken?


  • Can a child be diagnosed with AD/HD prior to the age of six years old?
  • What is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)?
  • Why do you not use the ADOS at Eckert Centre?
  • What are adaptive skills?
  • Can you assess a child with sensory integration issues?  How would you test them if they are unable to write?
  • What happens to the written report when it is submitted to Human Services?
  • What are standardized tests?  How are they different than cognitive tests? 
  • Who should attend the feedback conference?
  • Is a Standard Assessment adequate for individuals who are presenting academic challenges and emotional issues such as anxiety?


  • How many Sessions will I Need?
  • What is EMDR Therapy?
  • What is EMDR Therapy used for?
  • What happens in an EMDR therapy session?