Experience Counseling From A Faith-Based Perspective

At the Eckert Centre our team of highly trained counselors helps you experience real personal growth through the foundation and authority of Biblical Truths.

Counseling With A Higher Authority

Experience counseling through a heavenly perspective.

Leaders and trends in the field of psychology are always changing, but with counselling from a faith perspective you receive counselling from the one true authority. At Eckert Centre our Christian counseling team understand that the basis for what is good and what should be authoritative comes from the bible and is reflected in our methods.

Counseling With Biblical Truth

Experience counselling through the firm foundation of the word of God.

While many other forms of therapy and counselling teach you to rely on your inner voice and on yourself, our team helps you to listen to God's calling. As humans we can become lost and confused as to what the right path should be, but God's voice is steady and always points you in the right direction. At Eckert Centre we will help you build your confidence in God and to make decisions based on Bibical Truths.

Understanding Of True Purpose

Everyone has a purpose and is capable of finding it.

In many counselling centres the priority is on clients finding happiness and focusing on self interests. With the team at the Eckert Centre our priority is helping our clients pursue a life that is meaningful and in line with God's purpose. There is a fundamental difference in living a good life through a worldly view and through a Godly view and at the Eckert Centre we help you find it.

Empowerment & Hope

Everyone deserves to have hope for the future.

It is clear that our hope and joy comes from the Lord, and that is what is reflected in our counselling techniques. Some wounds and problems seem to great and painful to overcome, but our team knows that no one is beyond the hand of God's forgivness an healing power. You are not to fargone and everyone deserves and is able to feel healed and forgiven.

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