Catch Your Breath Grade 5 & Up

Life is getting busier and more complicated for all of us. This is true for our
children as well. As a result, many students struggle to manage their responsibilities, which can lead to difficulty meeting deadlines, incomplete academic work, a sense of feeling overwhelmed, and even conflict with parents. The Catch Your Breath program builds organizational skills that allow students to budget their time and use time more effectively. Not only will this help to produce better academic work, the Catch Your Breath program develops skills that people need to cope with an ever more complicated and busy world long beyond their student career.

The program consists of 16 lessons, ongoing consultation with a psychologist, and regular progress reports (appropriate for students aged 10 and up). NOTE: Students are expected to complete assignments each week as part of their training; however, this should not add to their workload. Rather, the assignments are intended to support their ability to complete already assigned academic tasks with greater ease. The lessons focus on time management, organization of materials and space, as well as strategic planning and problem solving. Students who complete this program may actually find that they have more time to do the things they want to do because they will complete the things they have to do more efficiently and consistently. What’s more, as a parent, you may find that your child seems more motivated, and because the program also teaches parents how to support their child’s ability to independently implement organizational skills, the program will also reduce the need for parents to manage their children’s responsibilities for them.

Catch Your Breath at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre:

  • Is supported by Educational Psychologists with expertise in attention regulation challenges
  • Is provided by skilled trainers with background education and specific training in attention regulation challenges
  • Presents activities in an enjoyable manner that helps students remain motivated throughout the program
  • Is fine-tuned in its delivery to meet your child’s unique learning needs as they come to light during training

Catch Your Breath:

  • Lessons focus on time management, organization of materials and space
  • Strategies are taught for planning and problem solving that are related to academic work and real life situations
  • Students will learn to complete tasks efficiently and consistently
  • Provides the needed skills for students with attention regulation challenges to excel in their academic, home, and community settings