You Deserve To Find Fulfillment In Your Work!

Are you feeling confused by the process of career selection?

Unfulfilled by your current line of work?

Many of us remember when the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up” roused our imaginations and led us to consider a world of possibilities. Although being a ballerina or the Prime Minister may no longer be realistic, finding a rewarding and fulfilling career is. In fact, not only is it possible, it is a vital component of a contented life.

Being unhappy in one’s career is a significant source of stress. What’s more, dissatisfaction with one’s work can contribute to the development of chronic social/emotional problems, such as substance abuse, depression, strained relationships, and other serious mental health concerns. Even more reason then to find work that is satisfying and rewarding.

A commonly held belief is that an individual will change careers up to seven times in their lifetime. This process costs time and money, and happens because people often choose careers based on the job market and other external factors such as how long the training program is. In reality, job satisfaction and stability is based on whether the work matches an individual’s interests, values, and abilities. So, whether you are a student deciding on a career path for the first time or someone thinking of changing jobs for the seventh, a career assessment will help you navigate the world of possibilities and reduce career-related dissatisfaction. A career assessment will also reduce the likelihood that you will be making this same decision again a few years from now because it will help you find fulfillment and purpose in a career matched to your interests and values and abilities.

Why choose a career assessment at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre?

A career assessment at Eckert Centre:

Utilizes only proven, “gold standard” tools
Uses a thorough approach that pinpoints your interests, values, and abilities
Helps to uncover a variety of career options, many of which you may never have considered

How will a career assessment help you?

A career assessment at Eckert Centre will help you:

  • Increase your awareness of the factors that contribute to career satisfaction
  • Make an informed decision about your career and education
  • Find a fulfilling and rewarding career that matches your interests, values, and abilities