Bullyproofing Camp

Bullyproofing Camp is a research-based, fun and interactive four part series for young children. From the beginning of school, children need the facts on what is and is not bullying, they need to know how to take a stand for themselves and others, and they need to be taught not to bully back when they are mistreated. You cannot be with your child 24-7; if you want your children to know how to assert themselves when confronted with name-calling, unkind teasing, unwelcomed physical touch or excluding, then this camp is for your family. Parent attendance is required to ensure parents understand the skills being taught and actively reinforce their practice long after camp is over.

  • For maximum instruction and training we request that only one parent be present during the sessions.
  • This seminar is most appropriate for parents whose child is 4 to 8 years old.

Pre-requisite:  Parent attendance at Raising an Assertive Child: Arming our kids against bullying. 

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