PACE Brain Training

Do you know your child is capable of more? 

Are their grades not a reflection of their potential?

Do others wrongly assume your child is lazy or unmotivated?

Have you tried traditional tutoring with limited success?

Is your child still struggling even though their teacher has made significant changes to how they teach?

What the struggling student often really needs is a program that uncovers and then treats weak underlying cognitive efficiency skills that are frequently the root cause of learning problems.  The expertise of skilled professionals is required to IDENTIFY and TREAT the underlying cause of your child’s learning difficulties.

Our Processing and Cognitive Enhancement Program© (PACE©) is an intense, proven brain training method that strengthens underlying cognitive efficiency skills.  We train a broad set of intellectual abilities that makes the learning system function properly.

Students begin their relationship with the PACE© program through an assessment of their existing efficiency cognitive abilities. Cognitive skills - auditory processing, visual processing, short and long term memory, comprehension, logic and reasoning, and attention skills are all measured because they are fundamental to your child's ability to learn.

This information allows the trainer at Eckert Centre to identify any weak cognitive skills that are contributing to learning challenges. A custom training program is then designed to strengthen the weak skills, and join together and enhance the entire cognitive efficiency skill set. PACE© is a fully integrated system of drills and training exercises that are delivered in an intense, one-on-one environment, and are designed to attack and rapidly correct weak or underdeveloped cognitive learning skills. It is not designed to tutor or teach students academic subjects, rather it will develop the underlying skills required for your child to learn effectively on their own – it’s not a bandaid but treatment that unlocks your child’s hidden potential.

Why choose PACE© at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre?

Provides a comprehensive approach to the development of learning skills
Is a research-based and intensive training program that provides six hours of training per week
Is administered by trainers with background education and specific training in learning challenges
Trainers have access to Educational Psychologists with expertise in learning challenges and effective treatment strategies
How will PACE© help your child?

Help unlock students’ hidden learning potential
Strengthen the cognitive abilities required for efficient learning in the classroom
Build students’ confidence and self-esteem
Facilitate improved academic performance

Questions for our team?

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