Life, as Dr. I. Rosenberg profoundly states on page 118 of her book '90 Seconds to a Life You Love,' is not about the constancy of routine, but rather about embracing the constancy of change. As we delve into the Ninth Chapter of this enriching book, we're stepping closer to wrapping up our journey, with only one chapter left to explore.

To truly harness the wisdom this book imparts, we must cultivate the following qualities within ourselves: Openness, Curiosity, Resourcefulness, Flexibility, Adaptability (to name a few).

This list could continue indefinitely, but what's essential to realize is that living a life you love doesn't demand perfection in embodying these traits at all times. Instead, think of them as tools stashed away in your metaphorical toolbox, ready for when you need them most.

In this chapter, Dr. Rosenberg delves deep into the concept of inner resourcefulness, highlighting its profound significance. It's about finding solace and strength within yourself, a skill that is truly indispensable on our journey toward a life filled with love and fulfillment.

Now I want to take a look at some of Rosenberg’s italicized quotes throughout this chapter and break them down:
Accepting Quiet and Stability with Grace and Gratitude (pg 120): Life is a constant ebb and flow, with periods of change and tranquility. It's essential to recognize that both are equally valuable. During times of quiet and stability, we have the opportunity to reflect, recharge, and appreciate the moments of respite. Embrace these moments with grace and gratitude, for they provide the foundation upon which we build our resilience.

Drawing Strength from Past Experiences (pg 122): Our history is a treasure trove of emotional strength. Think about all the challenges you've overcome, the obstacles you've faced, and the moments of triumph in your past. These instances of emotional fortitude are not isolated events but a testament to your resilience. Harness the lessons and strength gained from your past to fuel your present resilience. They are the stepping stones to becoming a more resilient and adaptable version of yourself.

Confidence as the "Can-Do"-itiveness (pg 125): Confidence is not a mysterious, unattainable quality; it's the palpable sense of "can-do"-itiveness. It's about believing in your abilities, even in the face of uncertainty. Cultivate confidence by setting achievable goals, celebrating your successes, and learning from your setbacks. Confidence becomes a powerful ally on your resilience journey, enabling you to confront challenges with the belief that you have the capacity to overcome them.

Incorporating these principles into your life can help you develop the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the ever-changing currents of existence. Remember that your journey toward a life you love is a continuous process, and each step, whether quiet or tumultuous, contributes to your own, individual, growth and resilience.

Madison is a Psychology Assistant; Digital Marketing Assistant at Eckert Centre. She is a university student majoring in psychology at the University of British Columbia. She is our blogger in residence, and we are grateful she is sharing her writing skills along with her mental health journey. May her young wisdom help all of us grow our “Wise Self.” For more information or to book an appointment, visit or email our team at info@eckert-

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