Behavioural Consultation Services

Eckert Psychology & Education Centre specializes in intensive therapeutic interventions for children, teens and adults with developmental, intellectual and behavioral disabilities through our Behaviour Consultation services. We implement individualized behaviour intervention plans to enhance success at home, school and in the community. Behaviour Consultants provide services to client’s with behavioral and emotional challenges such as Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, ADHD and other sensory/emotional needs.

What Is A Behavioural Consultation?

Behavioral Consultation is a collaborative service offered to families that are seeking to instill greater confidence and emotional/behavioral regulation skills in their child. The goal of a Behavioral Consultant is to clarify the needs of the child and then select the appropriate evidence-based interventions that will build upon the child’s strengths. A child is often exposed to many different learning environments such as schools, community, peer groups, the home and many more settings. It is the responsibility of the Behavioral Consultant to understand the contexts in which a child must function and build a partnership with the family and other relevant community members to help develop competencies in educating and socializing the child. A portion of the Behavioral Consultant’s fee may be covered under the family’s FSCD contract in Alberta.

Behaviour Consultation Services are Offered in Two Formats:

1) A direct Behavioral Consultation will take place in a targeted community, school or home setting to understand the needs of the child whilst observing and working directly with the child with a parent or relevant community partner present. This method would be considered an out-of-office session and requires additional travel time.

2) An indirect Behavioral Consultation can be viewed as an opportunity to join the family or community partner in problem-solving.  This form of behavioral consultation entails “training” the parent, teacher, peer, or other consultees who are more directly involved with the child by providing education, skill instruction, and creating new strategies to address the presenting behavioural needs. This method of service delivery is offered in office or through video sessions.

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