Do these questions sound familiar to you?

“Why does he keep hitting himself?”

“Why can’t she concentrate?”

“What, your son still isn’t toilet trained?”

“I need to let you know that your daughter was fighting on the playground again today.”

You Don't Have To Struggle Alone!

As a parent, we love to hear from other adults that our child is polite, considerate, helpful, and socially skilled. But, oh, how painful and discouraging it can be when we hear that they are being disrespectful, struggling socially, appearing anxious and withdrawn, or in some other way not behaving as expected for their age.

Our first reaction may be denial – they can’t be talking about my child; it’s just the teacher’s problem; he’s not like this at home; they just don’t understand her personality; he’s just not being appropriately challenged. Or maybe you’re the first person to notice the problem, while well-meaning others try to reassure you, “Oh, she’s fine,” or “He’s just being a boy.” Yet somehow you, the parent who knows your child better than anyone, instinctively know that something is wrong.

This can be such a scary time for parents – dealing with the unknown. It can also be a time of grief as you start to wonder if some of the plans and dreams you had envisioned for your child will come true. Yet, at the same time, this child is still your pride and joy, and you want others to see all the wonderful gifts and qualities they have to share with the world.

At Eckert Centre, we understand these mixed feelings and are committed to helping you better understand your child and their unique needs. We will help you to determine what behaviors are typical and what may be suggestive of underlying diagnoses which may be due to biological factors, emotional trauma, or learning challenges. We will also gently come alongside you in exploring the home dynamics which may be contributing to the behavior, providing suggestions, not judgment, that may better support your child.

Behavioral Assessments at Eckert Centre:

  • Are conducted by Educational Psychologists with 30 years of combined experience
  • Incorporate “gold standard” assessment tools along with real-life observations
  • Utilize a thorough approach that identifies areas of strength and challenge
  • Can be combined with a Learning Assessment for an even more comprehensive understanding of the child
  • Are conducted with sensitivity and respect

A Behavioral Assessment at Eckert Centre Will:

  • Ensure that areas of strength are identified
  • Ensure that areas of challenge are understood
  • Provide diagnostic information (if applicable) that will help adults working with your child to understand their behaviors and provide strategies for support
  • Provide recommendations which will help your child be more successful in school, in relationships, and in life

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