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Every person yearns for and deserves rewarding relationships, personal dignity, and success in their efforts to navigate the world. Adults with learning disabilities, AD/HD, or developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome,  or an Autism Spectrum Disorder, often find the realization of these liberties, which many of us take for granted, incredibly challenging. 

Kimberly Eckert, Registered Psychologist and founder of Eckert Psychology & Education Centre, has developed the Cognitive Coaching Method TM to provide individuals who have disabilities with the tools they need to find fulfillment in the social and employment world. What’s more, the Cognitive Coaching Method TM can equip parents (and caregivers) to skillfully deal with challenging behavior, as well as foster decision-making skills, build independence, and remain a trusted mentor through their adult child’s life.

Using the Cognitive Coaching Method, highly skilled Cognitive Coaching Specialists deliver personalized programs in:

  • Social Coaching – developing knowledge and practical skills to help a person understand and behave in accordance with social rules and convention, fostering opportunities for personal dignity and new friendships, and safeguarding against abuse
  • Employment Coaching – providing support to the employer and the employee to ensure each person has a fair opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the workplace
  • Parent Coaching – offering an approach based on mutual respect and dignity, and assisting parents and/or caregivers in developing specific plans and strategies to address the behavioral or developmental challenges presented within their family or living situation to foster the greatest level of independence possible for their adult child

If you have an adult child with a disability you are concerned about, call us.

For questions about our adult coaching or to book an appointment contact Michelle Kerslake below.

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Why access a coaching program at Eckert Centre?

  • Are overseen by Psychologists with expertise in developmental disabilities and parenting
  • Are delivered by Cognitive Coaching Specialists with specific training in the area of disabilities
  • Are individually designed to meet the goals and needs unique to your family
  • Join clients in the real-world setting where challenges are faced to ensure knowledge is transferred for use in real-life

Why choose the Cognitive Coaching Method?

  • Uses research-based and specialized teaching techniques
  • Is based on a foundation of respect and the pursuit of an inclusive society
  • Builds success by ensuring proper scaffolds are in place to support learning
  • Gradually fades support as increased skills towards independence are achieved

Questions About Adult Coaching?

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