Kimberly Eckert

Designation and experience:

Registered Psychologist and the Founder and Executive Director of Eckert Psychology & Education Centre. I hold a B.A. Honors Psychology degree, obtained from Trinity Western University in 1989, and a M.Sc. School/Community Psychology degree, obtained from the University of Calgary in 1994. I have over 17 years of experience working as a psychologist. At the beginning of my career, I primarily provided psychoeducational assessments and learning intervention services to children, teens, and adults through the public school system and nonprofit sector. I then broadened my focus to including counselling services for children and teens, along with parenting support and education. I have also been certified as a facilitator of Circle of Security – Parenting, which is a well-researched relationship based parenting program. I have also authored the parenting seminar series The Successful Parent’s Toolbox™,  which includes the DVD/Workbook, Raising a Confident Child: Preparing our kids for true greatness, and the DVD, Raising an Assertive Child: Arming our kids against bullying. I welcome you to tune in every Wednesday morning on 88.9 Shine FM for Parenting Moments with Kimberly, or come to hear me speak at a local school, agency or church in your community.

What inspires you?

I love what I do…working with children and their parents is my inspiration.  When you can see with your own eyes a shift in a person’s confidence and skill that comes from creating a safe place for them to explore, learn and grow, there is really nothing like it. Of course, I am also inspired by my own experiences as a friend, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mother – my relationships within my circle of friends and family have given me permission to explore my own strengths and limitations, and have helped me see first-hand how essential secure attachments are in fostering my “wings” to go out into the world, knowing that my “roots” go deep and I am known and loved for who I am.  Finally, my faith inspires my work as I know that each and every one of us has been created with infinite worth and have a specific purpose that is ours to fulfill.

 What are your proudest accomplishments?

Professionally: After six years in private practice, I recognized a need for Calgary families to have just one place to come and find the services they needed to support their mental wellness, relationships, and educational endeavors. When Eckert Psychology & Education Centre opened its doors in September 2001, it was a time of great celebration. Over the course of the last eleven years, my journey as a business owner, coupled with my training and experience in psychology, has resulted in a unique and interesting career. I am particularly grateful to my husband and my parents for their support and belief in me, and for my exceptional team at Eckert Centre who have an unwavering commitment to our vision and mission – together we have built a place that really does “share the light of hope and courage” with all who walk through our doors.

Personally: Becoming a parent does not neatly fit into the arena of ‘proudest accomplishments,’ but for me, it has brought me the most joy and the most wisdom. My daughter has been my greatest teacher. Being a parent has also developed within me a spirit of humility as I support other parents in their journey of being “good enough” parents.

What are your hobbies and interests?

When I am not working, you will find me spending time with my family and close friends. I love hot tropical holidays with my family, riding bikes with my daughter, or going to great restaurants with my husband.

As part of my own self-care, you will either find me on the tennis court hitting a ball as hard as I can, or curled up with a good book. I love sweating and reading – but not at the same time, of course!

Why do you think people should choose Eckert Centre?

There are so many reasons I could give you but if I had to choose one, it is because here at Eckert Centre, you will be valued and cared for because to us, it is through the strength of a safe relationship that change happens.

On second thought, I have two more really good reasons!

1) I have an amazing team – I have been very purposeful in hiring people of outstanding character who are passionate about the work we do.

2) Together, we have worked very hard to ensure that as professionals, we stay current and use evidenced based programs, tools and interventions.  This assures our clients that they will receive support that is grounded in science and delivered with compassion.