Faye Gosnell

Your Name:  Faye Gosnell

Designation and Experience:

I hold a Master of Counselling in Counselling Psychology.  After spending several years traveling throughout Canada to work in various roles (such as real estate sales), plus some time out focused on motherhood, I began and completed my Master’s.  I have received training from and currently work (part time) at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre, which is an internationally recognized research and training facility. Also, I work as a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary, in the Faculty of Social Work.

At Eckert Centre, I am currently working as a counsellor with families, children, teenagers, and adults. I incorporate EMDR into my work with families and individuals, where appropriate.  I also provide academic counselling services.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people who commit themselves to addressing the root causes of complex social problems.  I am also deeply inspired by the families I have worked with who do the very best they can in the face of what are sometimes very difficult circumstances.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

My proudest accomplishment relates to finding my own voice and path.  There are numerous sources of messages within our cultures and our families, many of them conflicting, such that it can be hard to find what is truly “yours.”

What are your Hobbies and Interests?

I enjoy laughing with my daughter over little things.  We laugh about everything.  I also love windsurfing, snowboarding, research, and hanging out with friends and colleagues.  Traveling for conferences is up there, too!

Why do you think people should choose Eckert Centre?

The profession of psychology has a fairly broad scope in terms of the services individuals and families can access.  What I like about Eckert Centre is the applicability of our services and programs “on the ground.”  The services are practical, well informed by current research, and results-oriented.  The services at this agency address the nuts-and-bolts details of how clients can achieve the changes they want for themselves and their loved ones.